Get started with engaging goal management and OKR!

Are you part of an ambitious management group that must realize new goals and strategies? Are you a committed manager who faces important goals together with your employees? Fine! What are you waiting for?

Most determined managers will get started quickly, gather experience and make adjustments along the way. Still, many are waiting. Three reasons stand out:

Tell us where the shoe presses, and we and our partners can help you get started quickly. Maybe you just need a workshop with the management team or a 3-hour BeeSize training session for selected key people at the start? Find the right solution for your needs.

Let's! – Guided OKR cycle

Tailored for your company’s needs based on established methodology.

The company’s first OKR cycle with commitment , insight and learning.

  • Arouse interest
  • Create common understanding
  • Remove uncertainty
  • Anchor expectations
  • Mobilize energy

Do you want guiding, sparring or coaching in your journey?

There are many methods and frameworks for strategies and goal management, and some managers want more process focus than others. Let’s! has a flexibility that supports different methods, frameworks and processes.

The team behind dobee has broad experience with the implementation of strategies and specialist expertise in the introduction and development of OKR cycles in small and large companies. We have several models and processes that can be useful for interaction in the organisation. We are happy to share experiences, commit ourselves to you and have partners who can drive your processes forward.

BeeSize training for Let's!

Intensive 3-hour trainings give motivated people the important OKR skills.

  • Inspiration and knowledge
  • From head to fingertips
  • Basis for personal training

Three effective 3-hour training sessions provide both knowledge and skills to succeed in practice

OKR is important

  • OKR principles
  • Introducing OKR
  • Motivate for OKR
  • OKR, Let’s!

Set the correct OKR

  • OKR language
  • Motivational goals
  • Measurable results
  • Mobilizing message

OKR Leadership

  • OKR leadership
  • Invite, don’t instruct!
  • The journey with the number
  • Spread commitment

Inspirational OKR workshops

Management gets better at strategic OKR mobilization!

  • Remove uncertainty in the team
  • Agreement on priorities
  • Clear communication
  • Anchor expectations
  • Mobilize energy in management

Three popular workshops that help managers with OKR:

The management stands

  • Shared vision
  • Strategic ambitions
  • Principles OKR mobilization
  • Practical use of KPI and OKR
  • The next goals

Full speed and short process

  • dobee OKR cycle
  • Blank sheets & analysis
  • Calendar exercise
  • Quick conversion from Q to Q
  • Cake & Cabbage Party

Shift focus

  • Round the table
  • dobee insight
  • Thoughts & ideas
  • Who takes the challenge?

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