The most motivating and playful software for successful execution of strategy, goals and OKR

Engaged leaders and ambitious organizations often set goals and strategies, but far too many fail in execution. Too many important goals and OKR run into the sand. Many leaders want better engagement, involvement and focus when mobilizing.

With Let`s! you can set ambitious goals and motivate people to work together, perform and execute in ways you did not think was possible 

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“After testing OKR tools for 7 years, Let`s is the best I have seen”
Espen Sjovoll – Agile Coach

Goal-oriented companies that use Let`s! to realize their strategy, goals and OKR

What is the magic behind Let`s!

Let’s! is a new and unique approach to achieving important goals and OKR
through motivating mobilization of people and teams with focus on execution

With live video, a playful design and a best practice wizard, you can describe and present your goals and OKR in an engaging and motivating way, so that people will want to contribute and set aside time to realize the goals. Best practice – put into a digital solution.

With  an agile approach, you can easily invite and mobilize people and teams to contribute to your most important goals. Whether it is internally in the organization, distributed teams or external partners – dobee allows you to mobilize smoothly, broadly and time-efficiently. Just plug and play – no time consuming implementation required.

With dobee, you can easily follow up on all your contributors – across organizations, disciplines and locations. Use motivating updates, reflections and notifications to create alignment and engagement around the goals and OKR.  dobee makes it easier to create a genuine commitment that executes concrete results and achieves hairy goals.

With the dobee Insight dashboard, all employees and the organization can see that strategies are implemented and that overall goals are realized. Create transparency and alignment. At the same time, strategically important insights are built on motivation and implementation ability – so that committed leaders, teams and employees can improve ability and culture for execution. 

"With Purpose and Let's! we get good help to achieve our ambitious goals"
Axel Kielland
Knowit Experience

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