The most motivating and playful tool for success with goal management and OKR?

We improve the way engaged leaders mobilize and motivate employees and teams to achieve the most important goals. 

  • Effective execution of goals and OKR. 
  • Supports an agile and motivating leadership style 
  • Foster alignment and transparency
  • Bridge your strategy-execution gap  
  • Keep employees and teams focused on the most important goals 

Present your most important goals in a new and motivating way.

With live video, a playful design and a comprehensive message you can describe and present your goals in an engaging and motivating way. This allows the people around you to contribute and free up time to focus on the most important goals. 

  • Best practice wizard for motivating and engaging goal description. 
  • Use video to increase understanding and motivation for your goals and OKR
  • Assign goals and results  to your key people or ask what they can contribute with  

Invite and mobilize people and teams​

With an open mind and a few simple keystrokes, dobee lets you mobilize people and teams inside and outside your organization. This way you rapidly create commitment, motivation and ownership for your goals. 

  • Easy to invite the employees and teams in your own organization to engage and contribute to the goals and OKR. 
  • Involve clients, partners and other resources outside the organization when you want to. 
  • A unique and personalized invite to the goals and OKR secure maximum response and mobilization.  
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Create genuine engagement around the goals and OKR to make things happen

With dobee you can easily follow up your employees and teams across all organizations, subject areas and locations. By using best practices from puls/engagement software, social media, games and learning methods , dobee makes it easier to create a genuine commitment that creates concrete results and execution power. 

  • Use the “Key Result journey” for motivating storytelling and active coaching for increased execution. 
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of employees and the teams motivation and engagement.
  • Real-time Leader dashboard allow leaders to identify potential problems easily and coach for progress.

Use unique insight to create a sustainable culture for development and growth.

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With the dobee dashboard, the entire organization can see that strategies are implemented and that overall goals are realized. You gain new and important insight to follow up and mobilize on the road to reaching your targets. At the same time, strategically important insights are built on motivation and ability to implement,  so that leaders who are passionate can develop the culture. 

  • Connect the goals and OKR to the organizations overall strategywith a transparent overview that creates alignment. 
  • Save time and run all meetings with updated analytics and information in real-time dashboards.
  • Do, learn and build a better culture for execution and growth

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