Let’s dobee.it!

The world faces some big challenges. Organizations want to succeed with change and strategic ambition. People want to achieve exciting goals. 

The slogan Let’s dobee.it! expresses what dobee wants to create, which is a proactive attitude in people. We want you to see that cooperation breeds a strong culture for engaged, transparent and aligned execution power. It also gives people the power to achieve important goals, solve demanding challenges and realize ambitious strategies.

Lets make it happen!

We take our inspiration from the bees!

dobee was established to give leaders and organizations the best tool to motivate and mobilize people who want to achieve goals, OKR and strategies together.

dobee is inspired by the bees. The way they work, pollinate and produce delicious honey and the belief that even a small contribution can make fantastic things happen.

An engaged team that makes things happen!

We are all unique and have different qualities, but we are all driven by a common desire to develop technology that allows people to achieve great things together.

We have different strengths and weaknesses, but ambitious goals, quick processes and playful interaction have given dobee a kick-start.

We consist of a board of directors, management team and a development team. In addition, we have our clients, partners, owners and other supporters that drive our ambition and ability, to follow through quickly.

Viggo Navarsete

Customer experience & CTO

924 31 490

Kenny Hognestad

Customer experience & chairman of the board

970 55 583

Øistein Heier

Customer experience & CEO

930 14 543

Svenn Inge Sigurdsen

Customer experience & CFO

Jo Christian Oterhals

board member

Silje M. Gjeraker

board member

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