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Everyone from the CEO to team leaders to changemakers try to solve problems, take advantage of opportunities and create value with others.

  • About 50% of all managers experience that employees are unable to free up time to contribute to the most important goals. Old habits, putting out fires and a lack of motivation are just some of the contributing factors.

  • The search for talented people is a challenge for any leader. Therfore. they explore new methods on work and technology to make everyday life easier, more efficient and more motivating for your employees.

  • Too many digital solutions are inconvenient, tedious and time consuming for the people using them.


Effective goal-based management with structured goal management and OKR
dobee was established to give changemakers and organizations the best possible tool to mobilize and motivate people who want to achieve goals and strategize together. With Let`s! passionate people get a simple and playful tool that frees up time and increases the motivation to create something positive.

The execution of strategies by the management team is more dynamic with our software.

Lofty ambitions and outstretched strategies are challenged by sudden changes and a need to adjust rapidly. Most management teams need to be a lot more agile in the way they implement their strategies than before. Employees experience top-down focus and low engagement. Dobee was developed to boost the strategic openness, motivation and engagement in an organization, so that strategies can be set into life.

Committed changemakers can make things happen!

Too many goal-oriented people are looking for action and execution without finding it. They want things to happen, but face a wall of resistance, challenges and obstacles. Things take time. Dobee exists to make sure changemakers are able to mobilize quicker, break down barriers and realize goals together.

A tool that implements OKR simply and easily.

OKR has become the most popular method for goal management on a worldwide basis. A lot of businesses, both big and small, are exploring the benefits of OKR. Some are enthused, some are frustrated and many are positive. A lot of digital solutions for OKR do not support the benefits of OKR, dobee focuses on motivation, visibility and agility, and that is beneficial for the customers.

Startups build a track-record with dobee

Startups without a record-record seldom make it. At the same time, there are a thousand different things to do and resources are limited. Staying focused is paramount. With startups as inspiration, dobee wants to help entrepreneurs set ambitious goals, get your network involved and make the track visible.

Want to achieve your goals?