It’s all about making an impact!

For leaders in any organization, it’s easy to talk about visions and ambitions. The difficult part is to deliver the long-term strategies and achieve short-term goals and results. Too many important strategies fail. Too many resources are wasted. Too many people lose the faith in their leaders. Why?


Focused leadership
Efficient change makers
Enthusiastic employees

Focused leadership

With dobee, top management and team leaders can mobilize quickly and efficiently for the most important goals and results.

Improve the transparency, visibility and engagement for the big picture and the next targets.

The software implementation cost is low, there are few adoption barriers and the tool is extremely easy to use.

Efficient change makers

With dobee, it’s easy to motivate teams of any size in an effective and agile way and convert your goals into results.

The digital and playful tool is adapted to a busy schedule and is easily accessible on your mobile phone.

You can quickly update others on the overall progress and guide them in the right direction.

Enthusiastic employees

With dobee, it’s easier and more fun to go the extra mile for the toughest challenges and most ambitious goals.

Get motivating goals and results available on all your devices, and take an active part in the open communication, team spirit and your common goals.

When is the timing right?

Nobody needs “just another tool”, but everybody needs “ the right tool for the job”. For all organizations, there are situations emphasizing a sense-of-urgency for Let’s!

Extreme growth ambitions

If the market is competitive or ambitions are high, speed and track-record make a huge difference for winners and losers

Strategy waiting for execution

With the next visions and ambitions in place, it’s time to start involvement, boost engagement and deliver results

Handling crisis and urgent changes

When times are rough, attitudes and actions are crucial for survival of any team.

New opportunity or focus area

With an exciting opportunity ahead, it’s time to explore it quickly and turn thoughts into reality

Want to achieve your goals?